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Directors and officers liability

We will insure your business from all kind of financial risk personal

Directors and officers liability insurance

Insurance subject?

  • Director and officer’s liability to own organization’s property.

Insurance perils

  • Any director and officer’s negligent act

Necessary information

  • Labor contract of administrator
  • State registration certificate
  • Director and officer’s information
  • Organization’s financial statement for last three years

Insurance premium

  • Limit of liability shall depend on organization’s income/budget amount and should be not less than 10,000,000.00 MNT.
  • The insurance premium shall be based on director and officer’s experience and occupation.

Required claim/h3>
  • Court decision
  • Original copy of the insurance contract
  • Claim form
  • Payment receipts of court expense


Insurance Call center: 1800-1990
Fax: 310347

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