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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


      1. What to do in case of Road Traffic accident?

  • 1st step: Give a call to 102 and 124 /telephone number of the Road Traffic Police/ in order to define the faulty party
  • 2nd step: Give a call to 1800-1990 /telephone number of the Mongol Daatgal LLC/ in order to your vehicle gets inspected
  • 3rd step: To take loss estimation report by authorized loss adjusting company which is accredited by Financial Regulatory Commission
  • 4th step: Deliver the following materials of the each party involved in the accident to Insurance Company including:
    •   •     Official statement and accident act from Road Traffic Police
    •   •     A copy of state registration certificate of vehicles of the each party involved in the accident
    •   •     A copy of driver’s license of the each party involved in the accident
    •   •     Loss estimation report
    •   •     Original copy of the Insurance policy
    •   •     An official letter for claim /for legal entities only/
    •   •     Comment and act by related authorities such as National Emergency Management Agency and Forensic Medicine

      2. How long does it take to make claim decision?

It takes 3-22 working days depending on the loss amount after receiving the claim material completely.

      3. How to take back my seized document from the Traffic Police after an accident?

  • The officer will give Receipt for Claims Submission to you when you hand over the claim materials completely to us. It is not a document that paid your loss directly. We will pay your claim in case of verifying the materials within contract schedule.
  • Also it is possible to take financial document after paying the claim in case each party involved in the accident couldn’t arriving at an understanding for document.

      4. Will my claim be paid in 100%?

  • As for driver’s liability insurance, We will pay your loss caused from your guilty activity completely in 100% in case of completely insurance including as provided in the “law on Driver’s liability insurance” that “5.1. Every owner of a vehicle shall be insured by driver’s liability insurance on a mandatory basis, 5.3. Professional drivers specified in 3.1.15 of the “Law on Auto Transportation” and a driver participating in road traffic using vehicles with the classification “C” and “D” shall be insured by driver’s liability insurance regardless of the ownership of a vehicle.”
  • As for voluntary insurance, we will pay your claim depending on whether there is a deductible in the insurance policy.
  • As for property insurance, there are sum insured and market value. If sum insured of the subject matter of insurance is lower than the market value, we will pay your claim as a percent of sum insured bears to the market value of the vehicle.

  • What is the sum insured?This is the value mutually agreed between Insured and Insurer.What is the market value?Market value is the amount for which property of similar nature and purpose of use and depreciation to the subject matter of insurance can be sold and purchased in the area in which the subject matter of insurance exists.

      5. The estimated loss amount is under the real cost of repair? What should I do?

Loss adjusting company is the authorized company which calculates loss estimation in compliance with average market price. If you don’t accept the estimation, you can contact to another loss adjusting company.

      6. Will my insurance be terminated after I receive claim’s payment?

No, it won’t be terminated. In compliance with the general insurance, period of the insurance policy is continued for 1 year basis as provided in the contract. For the Driver’s liability insurance, occurrence or loss amount is unlimited, however for the property insurance, the highest amount of claim is limited by sum insured.

      7. Do I need to hand over replaced part to the insurance company after insurance claim?

If the subject matter of insurance or component part is estimated as replacement needed in the loss estimation report, the component part to be transferred to the Insurance Company before paying the claim.

      8. I have Vehicle own damage Insurance. My car has been damaged due to the other’s fault. What should I do?

  • Each driver who is taking part in traffic must have a driver’s liability insurance as provided in the “law on Driver’s liability Insurance”. So damage to your vehicle will be paid in 100% by the insurance policy of third party who is at fault.
  • If the third party who damaged your vehicle hasn’t driver’s liability insurance, you can be received claim as provided in the “Vehicle own damage insurance” in case of assigning your claim from guilty person to the Insurer. / 443.7 in Civil code of Mongolia, 8.7 in Law of insurance/


      1. Necessary documents to apply for the insurance

Certificate of vehicle, information of vehicle owner and vehicle to be insured. The vehicle must be present as we verify the condition of the vehicle by taking a photo.

      2. How much is the premium?

It varies depending on market value of the vehicle and the coverage types. There are three types of coverage as Class1, Class2 and Class3 with the rates between 0.8-3.8% for vehicle own damage insurance. Please click here to calculate your premium.

      3. Is it possible to cover vehicle accessories in the insurance?

It is possible to cover vehicle accessories in the insurance. Therefore, insurance premium will be calculated from the total amount of accessories cost and vehicle value.

      4. Is it possible to transfer vehicle own damage insurance to others?

It is possible to transfer vehicle insurance to the new owner in case you sold own vehicle to others. Therefore, you need to bring your insurance policy and new owner’s documents to the branch office from which you purchase insurance.

      5. Is it required to call the Emergency Unit in case “hit and run” accident at parking?

You must notify the Emergency Unit by calling 1800-1990 or 7017-0000. Please, don’t move your vehicle until Emergency Unit’s officer visit the accident spot.

      6. Is insurance period of Vehicle own damage insurance for 1 year?

It is possible to insure your vehicle for month basis based on your needs.

      7. In case another driver need to drive my vehicle, is it required to add that person’s name to my vehicle own damage insurance policy?

Another driver’s name is required to be included in driver’s liability insurance policy as the vehicle own damage insurance is only applicable to the drivers whose name is written under the driver’s liability insurance policy.

      8. Is indemnity paid only once for vehicle own damage insurance?

You can be indemnified more than one time during the insurance period. For that purpose, you need to reinstate the Sum Insured again after your claim is paid.

      9. How much indemnity be paid out if I insure my vehicle?

The highest amount is the amount that your vehicle is insured for Sum Insured. However you can take an indemnity in compliance with loss estimation amount by loss adjusting company. Then, we will pay your indemnity depending on there is a deductible in your insurance policy.

      10. Do I have to insure my liability and vehicle to one insurance company?

You can be insured by 2 separate insurance companies as it is your choice.

Travel Insurance Queries

      1. What is necessary to get insurance?

Foreign passport or copy of the foreign passport is needed.

      2. Does the person have to come personally to get insurance?

It is possible to contract bringing the Insured’s foreign passport or copy of it in case insured is not available to come.

      3. Will insurance policy be cancelled in case travel date has changed?

It is possible to change the insurance period bringing the original copy of insurance policy to the branch you purchased the insurance policy in case travel date has changed.

      4. What should I do in case my visa has not been issued?

It is possible to cancel the insurance policy and return your insurance premium paid bringing the original copy of the insurance policy and foreign passport in the event that an embassy has denied your application.

      5. Is there any discount for a child?

There is no discount for a child, however it is possible to get in discount for family members who are travelling with the child.

      6. Is the insurance premium for elders same as others?

Insurance premium is calculated as twice as much if the insured is 71-79 years old and as two point five times more if the insured is 80-84 years old.

      7. Types of coverage

The following risks are involved in the insurance such as:

  • Overseas visitors’ life and health
  • Medical expenses in overseas
  • Delay in the arrival of baggage
  • Locating and forwarding of baggage and personal effects
  • Flight delay
  • Loss of foreign passport
  • Advance of Bail Bond
  • Advance of funds

      8. What are the required materials in case of an occurrence?

  • Certificate /original copy/
  • Sick list /original copy/
  • Medical statement
  • Invoice or evidence of payment
  • Other required materials

      9. How to contact in case of an occurrence?

You can contact us through telephone and e-mail:

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