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Decision making stage of claim

Decision making stage of claim

Contact Your Agent Immediately.You can call the Insurance Consumer Help Line, at 1800-1990.


You can report a claim online or by phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your insurance agent will arrange for an adjustor to visit your car or assess the damage. A representative will start the claim with you over the phone and explain what needs to be provided in order to process your claim. .


In case the occurrence has occurred in countryside and if it appears necessary, Emergency Unit’s operator will contact to our branch office, give an appropriate advice and make inspection on spot if it is necessary.


Contact to related authorities /Road Traffic police, Police, Emergency, Emergency ambulance, National Emergency Management Agency, Fire Fighting Brigade, General Agency for Specialized Investigation etc/


In case of an occurrence in a place that is outside of mobile network areas, please take photos from 4 parts showing surrounding environment and contact the call center immediately once network is connected.

Examination of the Insurance Emergency agent

After registering your call, Emergency Unit’s officer will visit the accident spot and give an appropriate information to you. Please pay an attention that you can’t move your vehicle from the place where the related authority didn’t visit the accident spot!

Making a decision of claim


Receiving claim documents.


Making decision of claim within 5 working days.


Notify the decision to the insured.

Please contact to us using the claim number on the receiving paper of claim given by Claim Department in case your indemnity is not paid within the due date. /Telephone number of Claim department – 11-330-308/

Emergency Unit

Mongol Daatgal LLC operates with 8 officers by 2 shifts and 4 emergency cars for 24/7 hours making inspection on spot and verifying occurrence in Ulaanbaatar.


  • Emergency car, operates only for Emergency Unit with a formal permission from Road Traffic Office
  • Call center which operates on 24 hour basis
  • We verify occurrences by visiting the accident spot on 24 hour basis of week.
  • We locate dividing into 4 region depending on the traffic jam and work load

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